Monday, May 3, 2010

Who do you think of when you look at this picture?

Elton John

It's a whole new world !!

Lately Claire has discovered new and exciting things around the house.
#1. Toilet paper. Every time she sees a bathroom door open she make a B-line to the toilet paper.
#2. Door to the pantry. If we leave it cracked she manages to open it and starts pulling down everything from the bottom shelf.
#3. Single pack of pringles. I bought a box of 36 individual pringle cups from Sams and Claire gets each one (out of the pantry) and bites holes into the tops. It look like little mice have been eating at our chips.
#4. Everything on the floor!! Her hands are like little suction cups and she manages to get every microscopic piece of dirt, crumb or fuzz in her mouth.
#5. The best for last is the SHOWER !! Claire has learned to open the shower door and has attempted several times to crawl in. Each time I have caught her and managed to head her off.... until now. Shannon had turned the shower on for Cathryn (she thinks she is a big girl and can get in the shower by herself) and began to change Davis. Quiet, sneaky Claire manages to crawl behind Shannon, open the door and get in. It was very cute and we all had a good laugh. Cathryn was so excited because she got in too and they both played in the shower.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rubber Mulch = New Playground

Our playground was looking trashy. Dead grass and weeds were everywhere. SOOOO this past weekend we cleaned it all up. Shannon enclosed the area and filled it in with rubber mulch. Now everyone can play and not get so dirty. Davis can take his shoes off and swing without hurting his feet :o) All is Happy and not Trashy !!

Garage Sale Find !!

$20 canopy for the pool .... Can't beat a good garage sale

Field Trip with Davis

Davis' class at the Fossil Museum:

Friday, April 16, 2010

New running accessories

Sweaty Bands are wonderful. Keeps the hair out of my face, stops the nasty salty sweat and doesn't budge !! Amphipod is a great water bottle because it contours to your hand and it has a handy pocket for my keys :o) Well worth it !!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Davis' new equipment

Rifton Dynamic Stander and Churchill booster with stay-put pommel (without headrest and chest vest)

Monday Davis and I drove to Knoxville for a clinic on special needs equipment. Several reps. were there along with a PT and the Orthopedic Dr. They quickly began looking and evaluating his wheelchair while the ortho. Dr. talked 90 miles a minute. As they moved, measured and weighed Davis I addressed my concerns.

#1 His wheelchair back and seat have gotten too small.
#2. The stander we currently have (a Rabbit by Snug Seat ) is too small. He was 3 when we got it.
#3. What kind of car seat should he be in ? Davis is too big for a booster with a harness and likes to scoot down.
#4. Is his walker the right size? etc...
At the end of our session. This was our conclusion:

#1. Order a new seat and back for wheelchair
#2. New Blue Dynamic stander by Rifton (see attch. below)
#3. New Churchill Booster seat with pommel only and simply use the car seat belt (see attch. below) He doesn't need all the extra support offered.
#4. His walker is fine....